"Naomi Preizler has became known in the fashion industry as a model first. Born in Buenos Aires, Preizler was scouted at 14 years old by a local Argentine agency, and chose to finish her studies before pursuing a professional modelling career which has since seen her model for the likes of Chanel, Givenchy, Alexander Wang and Balenciaga, among others.

Born into an artistic family (her father is an architect and her grandmother an artist) Preizler was always encouraged to draw and paint from an early age, but became passionate about art when moving to Paris at the age of 18.

After moving to New York as a model, Preizler enrolled in The New York Academy of Art and The Artist’s Student League of NY to study nude life painting (whose alumni include Litchenstein, Rothko and Pollock), taking inspiration from the great expressionists of the 1920’s and fashion itself.
She has also studied under the Argentine artists Ariel Mlynarzewicz, Jorge Mansueto and Ana Gallardo.

Given her surroundings Naomi is often attracted to a certain aesthetic which focuses on the strength of a subject’s stare, their body language and position in society, as well as the usual features, hair style and outfit. Her figures are mostly female, who like sirens invite the viewer to explore their mysterious thoughts and musings through their eyes and expressions. Her pieces are intensely autobiographical and colorful, revealing many of the artist’s secrets, including a melancholic solitude, outbursts of happiness, and romantic trauma."